About Me

Having been born and brought up in Africa, I seek inspiration from the many elements Africa has provided its locals and visitors. From the lush green plains to the driest deserts, all these colors, including the most magnificent sunset have no doubt inspired those who visit.

I later spent many years in the United Kingdom and was fortunate to have been surrounded by the history and architecture that has developed over hundreds of years.  This influenced my style and where my design was shaped and developed, it’s very classic, relaxed yet comfortable and easy to live in.

My colour selections are often sought through the joy our garden gives us as I bring the interior and exterior space together harmoniously.  You can’t stop there without using different layers and textures and of course filling a vase with fresh flowers!

Having moved to Brisbane in 2007 and completing an interior design diploma, I am now entering into the exciting world of interior design. Every home should have the luxury without the price tag.  Your home should be practical, livable yet have that lasting style and timeless appeal.

Notes to Rosa is my design depository, it’s a place I put all my thoughts and inspirations onto paper.  I hope you will follow me on this exciting journey.

I would love to hear and share creative ideas – if you would like to email me, please do so at taryn@notestorosa.com