At Peace At Home

I made a cheeky purchase today in preperation for my christmas break and by the looks of outside it is going to be a wet week, so it will be indoor activities, which to me will be reading and all things relaxing.

I purchased At Peace At Home by Juliet Pegrum.  While I was working my way through a number of choices, this one caught my eye, here is why…

Discover a unique blend of practical advice, design know-how and Eastern wisdom that will instruct and inspire you to make your home and garden a sanctuary for the spirit. At Peace at Home takes Juliet Pegrum’s guiding principles of harmony, simplicity and unity, and brings them alive for us in our gardens and in every room of our homes.

Offering a variety of practical and enlightening advice on such topics as: space, colour, texture, light, contrast, materials, objects and surfaces; and showing how an unpretentious style that reflects our individual needs and desires can provide the basis for a simple “easeful” environment in which to live at peace. The essentials of simple living are conveyed through an unparalleled portfolio of photographs, accompanied by quotations reflecting the accumulated wisdom of both East and West.

This book can be purchased through any bookstore, now relax…

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