Project Barn: The Library

I embarked on a journey with my husband that we both thought would be fun and exciting – yup, a good old renovation project.

Yes of course, there would be stresses and strains but nothing prepared me for the true reality of renovating a run down barn as well as extending it at the same time.  My thinking was simple, we have the builders on site making a mess, why not make a bigger mess and finish it off all in one go.  Yes – famous last words!

The library was a must for me, in our last home, I got one custom made to fit into a little dead corner, and it was just brilliant, it gave us so much joy and most of all it was practical, so again, a library space was on top of the list (probably not the most important in the grand scheme of expenses, but for me it was).

We re-designed the layout and functionality of the barn as I want it to be our open plan social and entertaining space.  Where the library is now placed was the existing kitchen (if you can call it a kitchen).  We have replaced the timber stairs with a beautiful glass spiral staircase which leads up into our office area.

I haven’t quite finished furnishing the space but I have my eyes on a vintage sofa that would fit in perfectly.  The results so far for me have been very rewarding and already having all our books and reference material available at our finger tips has made this a successful and beautiful creation.

Before snaps;

Now let me take you on a visual journey – a few items are out on display celebrating my childhood;


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