Etcetera was my latest little purchase that arrived on my door step just in time.

Author Sibella Court has travelled the globe, and this you can tell, as her book is full of eclectic interiors, antiques, junk-shop finds, wallpapers, rugs and …


Picasso Who?

Ahhh jeez – taking on the task of painting the extension at the time sounded like a brilliant idea (cause I am full of them), and the thoughts that crossed our mind during the decision process was;

a) budget – gosh how much, ok, ok, we can manage that task

b) character …


Going Green

As I continue through my renovating journey it’s now coming down to picking the colours for my walls. 

The home is set in and amongst lush green foliage and trees, and I am a true believer of bringing the outside into …


At Peace At Home

I made a cheeky purchase today in preperation for my christmas break and by the looks of outside it is going to be a wet week, so it will be indoor activities, which to me will be reading and all things relaxing.

I purchased At Peace At Home by Juliet Pegrum.  …


Our Own Grand Design

My husband and I are in the process of renovating and extending a loft barn, it has become our very own little grand design that will be our home in the New Year. It is set in the most picturesque part of the valley which is perfect to get my …