Ohhh So Sticky…

Life at the barn is going to change dramatically over the next few months.

Finally the renovations have come to and end and we waved goodbye to the builders two weeks ago, but are about to welcome the sound of tiny …


A Beautiful Collection

I was very excited to receive the latest e-newsletter from Designers Guild.

The richly decorative style of the Catalan Modernista movement and the grandeur of Colonial India is the inspiration for the flamboyant new collection of fabrics and wallcoverings from …


Bright Celebration

I was invited to celebrate a 1st birthday recently, it was fairy themed and very pink… the pink butterfly wrapping paper enclosed my fluffy gift and was received with great delight.

The garden was filled with laughter, joy and plenty of …


African Inspiration

In Africa, design is full of vibrant colour and patterns. Bright oranges, reds, ochres, blues and greens make up the kaleidoscope of African design.