Inspiration for the Big Hitch

This is not a typical post for my blog, but it’s a very special one…

Next year, April 2012, my eldest sister is getting married and I’ve the wonderful task of being Maid of Honor (more like maid of dishonour based on my current form…)

Anyway, this weekend was dedicated to visiting the venue in the beautiful town of Deepwarter, NSW.  The venue is special to them both, it’s a place they escape to at every opportunity and you can see why.

So for the next 8 months or so, I need to brush up on my duties, some which include the following;

The Good Listener (I can manage that)

The Bridesmaids Manageress (thankfully there is just one person to manage – myself)

The Worker Bee

The Bride’s Righthand Woman

I’m sure the run up to the Big Hitch won’t be anything like Bridesmaids 🙂

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  1. Gran. says:

    Brilliant pictures, Lovely venue for a wedding.

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