Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirrors can be the simplest addition to your design, it can give your space that touch of elegance.

The presence of a mirror can also be a useful tool to enlarge an area as well as allowing light to bounce around the room.

There are a variety of styles and designs on the market, Venetian mirrors are an ideal choice for emphasizing a classic interior.  You can go with an Ornate, Traditional, Contemporary or have a bit of fun with an abstract piece.

I’ve found some that have caught my reflection.


Jagger, a simple yet elegant series of abstract interior mirror and wood decor designs by designer Tad Davinci.  Available in an array of variations, Jagger is known for its ability to create the illusion of an abstract window into another room. Whether it be through the dashing tear marks of a tiger’s claw, or through a series of aztec’esq dashes, its ability to expand the dynamism of any interior is undeniable.  Visit more of their collection at www.artsignsinteriors.com

Glass Italia

Venetian Mirror

Ornate and Traditional

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