Ohhh So Sticky…

Life at the barn is going to change dramatically over the next few months.

Finally the renovations have come to and end and we waved goodbye to the builders two weeks ago, but are about to welcome the sound of tiny feet which will soon fill the air, or more to the point, sleepless nights (maybe), few crocodile tears (definately), but the pending arrival is getting exciting for all in the family.

I need to finish up the last few pieces around the house, we still have plenty to unpack but we slowly getting there, it’s one thing you should never rush, but for now, we are preparing and creating the little space for our baby – and boy am I having fun!

I’m drawn to wall stickers at the moment.  We know the gender (I just HAD to find out) but I’m not genderising the room by any means.  I thought of adding a wall sticker to create a unique look giving the room a bit of style and atmosphere.  We can theme later on in life…

There is such a variety out there for all rooms in the home, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

Here are a few links to some fun websites that I’ve come across in the search;


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