Rainy Days

It’s been very wet over the last couple of days (no actually weeks) here in Brisbane with massive storms and it doesn’t seem to be an end to this wet weather.

The memories of last years floods are still very raw in our lives as it affected us all in one way or another, with many still re-building their home.  Our dam gates have been opened to release the water as we are close to reaching full capacity.

I always try and look at the positives in life, so with that being said, the grass at the barn is getting a nice soaking, it’s turning a vibrant green and all the birds are out in search of food.  Harry and Pippa (our resident wild ducks) visit all day and mooch around the house doing their thing.

Our little dam is very full and overflowing making the crossing in and out of the house a bit of a hairy experience.  I am sorry that I didn’t manage to turf the front in time for the new grass to benefit from all this wet weather – but hey ho, you can’t win them all.

Please stay safe on the wet roads, and TRY to enjoy the weather 🙂

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