Relax and enjoy…

I love having time off and doing the things ‘I’ want to do – yes it sounds selfish but I really needed a bit of R&R time.

Another long weekend was upon us and work at the barn has been progressing well, so well that we were ahead of schedule, well I was, not sure our builder will agree with me on that one, but as I keep telling him – don’t rush a good thing…

So I decided to have the day to myself, join me if you so wish, and headed off exploring our new area. The morning was crisp, the air was clean and the warmth was turned to maximum in the car (she who lived in England). Headed for Mount Glorious, passing through the D’Aguilar National Park (ahhh it was just too beautiful), touching on the Brisbane Forest Park before setting my eyes on Lake Wivenhoe.

For any visitor, I higly recommend this little drive on a Sunday morning, there are many cafe’s along the way for a warm cup of coffee.

Allow your mind and soul to run away with the beauty of nature, I captured a few on my journey – enjoy!

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