You Spin Me Right Round

Well, Christmas came and went, and now I am heading towards the end of January – where has the time gone?

The holiday season was quiet for me this year, my family went back to Africa for a grand family reunion and due to the home renovation, financially we could not go, which was unfortunate as everyone had a blast.

Saying that, plenty got done at the barn and we are so close to waving goodbye to the builders, which will be a bit sad as they have now become a part of the family.

One big pressie that was given to me over the break was our spiral stair case.  Normally I like to thank suppliers and congratulate them on their craftsmanship, however, the experience with this particular company was not great and the rep here in Brisbane did no justice to their cause – moan over!

Bit of cleaning (again) to shine her up, treads to be installed, we will soon be ready to call it the entrance to our office where all our creative juices can flow 🙂


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