’tis The Season

Christmas is a special time for my family, it’s a time we all get together and reflect on the year that has been had.

We had a lot to celebrate, we all had a successful year, new business were born, a wedding took place and 2011 certainly is going to be another exciting year.

Each year we theme the day – this year the colour was aubergine.

For the last two years we’ve made it a bit more exciting too with ‘Secret Santa’, and this year I was extremely spoilt. My Secret Santa which I later discovered was my mom got me a book by Tricia Guild – A Certain Style.  Tricia founded Designers Guild in London in 1970 and the company is internationally renowned for it’s fabrics, wallpaper and home furnishings.

Also, a special congratulations to my eldest sister who got engaged – I love you dearly and can’t wait to celebrate your special day…

Merry Christmas everyone x

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